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Hope comes with Solidarity

(photo by Giannis Behrakis, Lesvos Isl, Greece 2015)

An update!
members, dear friends,

Despite the unprecedented difficulties of recent times, TΕNet-Gr is still here and active!

To the attacks we receive at all levels, as a country and as citizens, we answer with the belief that theater/drama in education can function as a powerful pole of resistance.

We strengthen our voice; we collaborate with national and international artistic and educational associations; we exchange experiences, concerns and work with creativity and solidarity. We maintain the inspiration and the collective work and the momentum caused by our annual meetings

In the aforementioned context, the materialization of this year's Theatre/Drama Summer Camp in Pelion (see below) is a political action. The financial and organizational difficulties, easily perceptible to everyone, do not stop us.

We, therefore, invite you, in spite of it all, to a solidarity meeting in Pelion where apart from training we will discuss and support the networks of our activity, look for new ways of collaboration and promote common goals and perspectives using Theatre in Education as a medium/vehicle.

2015, 14th Summer Camp, Mt Pilion

14th Theatre Summer Camp, Mt. Pelion 2015
24-30 August 2015

Agios Ioannis Beach, Mt Pelion Greece
Workshops: Peter Hussey, Giannis Leontaris, Emilia Valvi, Antigoni Gyra, Nikos Govas, Giorgos Biniaris, Christina Zoniou, Georgina Kakoudaki, Jenny Karaviti
More here


2016- 2015 It could be me- It could be you

Awareness raising project on refugees and human rights.
With the participation of UNHCR


2014-2016 YouthDocs

 / video - drama
recording critical glances on personal identity, youth culture and contemporary reality
2014-2016 An Erasmus+ course KA2 Strategic Partnerships

2014-2018 Radical Hope!

Radical Hope!
an international research project of Totonto University Canada, with partners from Greece, UK, India, Taiwan
Project coordinator: Kathleen Gallagher

2015 Acting up - Ireland

Acting Up – a Training Course
Using Drama Methods for Youth Development

An Erasmus+/Youth in Action Project
5-12 July 2015 Dublin Ireland

13th Theatre Summer Camp - Pelion 2014
26-30 August 2014
Ag Ioannis beach, Mt Pelion, Greece

" sculpturing our dreams – transforming our realities:
tranformation through theatre”


Education & Theatre Journal
Issue 16 (May 2015)
Special Edition: Theatre of the Oppressed
(published in Greek)

"Education & Theatre Journal" Issue 14, March 2013 (special edition on anti-racist education, bulling amd human rights)
Published in Greek