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2015n TOgether in Athens

TOgether- tribute to the Theatre of the Oppressed
Athens-Halandri-Nafplio 16-21 Ιουνίου 2015, Greece
performances, discussions, workshops

The international network TΟgether, the forum theatre play Hotel Europa, and Barbara Santos as director for the first time in Athens for 2 unique theatre forum theatre plays (free entry),
workshops and open discussions!

The Municipality of Halandri -as part of the “Freedom Voices” Festival-, the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network, the University of Peloponnese / Department of Theatre Studies and the TO Activist Group Greece, with the kind support of  Michael Cacoyannis Foundation organise a week-long event – tribute to the Theatre of the Oppressed. Invited are the international network TOgether and their play Hotel Europa.

Hotel Europa, after a long tour in many European cities, will be presented for the first time in Greece (free entry) at Theatro Rematias (16/06/15) and Theatro EMPROS (17/06/15). At the same time, the members of the network Together will offer a workshop on the Theatre of the Oppressed (19-20/06/15) at the Halandri Municipality Youth Centre, as well as they will contribute towards a Round Table / Open Discussion at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation (18/06/15) on the topic “City, Active Citizenship and the Theatre of the Oppressed”. In addition to the above, the TO Activist Group Greece, will present it’s most recent Theatre Forum play “However…” (free entry) at the Halandri Municipality Youth Centre (20/06/15). As the last one of these series of events, there will be an Open Discussion on the Theatre of the Oppressed (21/06/15) at the Department of Theatre Studies – University of Peloponnese in Nafplio (free entry).

The network TOgether is made up by university departments, national theatres, festivals, theatrical organizations and distinguished animators social theatre from Germany (Kuringa), Italy (University of Bologna & Krila TDO), Portugal (GTO LX), Croatia (Istrian National Theatre - City Theatre Pula & Pula - Forum Festival), Spain/Catalonia (Pallapupas), France (Pas a Passo) and Scotland (Active Inquiry). Artistic director and coordinator of the program is the internationally acclaimed Brazilian animator and actor Barbara Santos, which operates in Germany (Kuringa) and Brazil (GTO Rio).

At the heart of the inquiry of this international team of animators, lies the exploration of ideologies and the reasons behind the socio-economic crisis, seeking proposals for the European coexistence. Consistent with the above, is the group’s willingness to contribute -with its yearly experience- towards the efforts of the Greek society to recover. The outlook is a democratic, active and participatory citizenship with theater as a tool.


INFORMATION: www.theatroedu.gr & https://theatreoftheoppressedgreece.wordpress.com

2015, 14th Summer Camp, Mt Pilion

14th Theatre Summer Camp, Mt. Pelion 2015
24-30 August 2015

Agios Ioannis Beach, Mt Pelion Greece
Workshops: Peter Hussey, Kostas Filippoglou, Giannis Leontaris, Emilia Valvi, Antigoni Gyra, Nikos Govas, Christina Zoniou, Georgina Kakoudaki, Jenny Karaviti
More here

2015 It could be me- It could be you

Awareness raising project on refugees and human rights.
With the participation of UNHCR

2014-2016 YouthDocs

 / video - drama
recording critical glances on personal identity, youth culture and contemporary reality
2014-2016 An Erasmus+ course KA2 Strategic Partnerships

2014-2018 Radical Hope!

Radical Hope!
an international research project of Totonto University Canada, with partners from Greece, UK, India, Taiwan
Project coordinator: Kathleen Gallagher

2015 Acting up - Ireland

Acting Up – a Training Course
Using Drama Methods for Youth Development

An Erasmus+/Youth in Action Project
5-12 July 2015 Dublin Ireland

World IDEADay 2014

World Day "Theatre/Drama in Education"
27 November 2014

School events & Day Conferences organised
in Athens, Thessaloniki and other cities by
the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network

13th Theatre Summer Camp - Pelion 2014
26-30 August 2014
Ag Ioannis beach, Mt Pelion, Greece

" sculpturing our dreams – transforming our realities:
tranformation through theatre”


"Education & Theatre Journal" Issue 14, March 2013 (special edition on anti-racist education, bulling amd human rights)
Published in Greek