the Greek teachers association for theatre/drama in education

What is it?
The HELLENIC THEATRE/DRAMA & EDUCATION NETWORK (TENet-Gr) is an association of teachers and artists for the promotion of research on and practice of theatre, educational drama and other performing arts within formal and non formal education.
It’s dual aim is to provide assistance for the performing arts in order that they can gain a central role in schools, and to contribute to the development of approaches and techniques, viewing theatre  as an art form, as learning tool and as a tool for social intervention.

TENet-Gr was founded in 1998 in Athens Greece as a network of teachers and developed to a registered non-profit organization (Tax Reg No: 998854721)  and  non-government institution (Reg. No .1828/06 - 26297-3/5/2006).

What does it do?
regular practical training seminars for teachers, facilitators and youngs
the Athens International Theatre/Drama in Education Conference,
the annual Theatre Summer Camp
projects in schools and with youth groups
Publishes books and the annual Education & Theatre Journal”.
It develops networks with similar organisations in Greece and abroad and updates its website with a plethora of educational material (news bulletin, e-journal, listings of theatre exercises and games, brief descriptions and analyses of theatre plays, articles, e.t.c.).
TENet’s key trainers are highly skilled practitioners and theoreticians in the areas of drama/theatre in education, in theatre as an art form, in theatre for development and in active citizenship (theatre of the oppressed, verbatim theatre et.)

TENet-Gr is the Greek ordinary member of IDEA-International Drama/Theatre & Education Association and contributed to the foundation of the IDEA Europe network. 
TENet-Gr coordinates the events in Greece for the World Day for Drama/Theatre & Education  on the 27th of November

TENet-Gr operates on voluntary basis (none is paid) with branches in several towns in Greece. Members are teachers, artists and youth facilitators who work with theatre and drama in any field of formal or non-formal education. It is governed by a Board of Directors elected from members every 3 years.

Board of Directors (1/4/2017 - today)
Hara Tsoukala, President of the Board
Betty Giannouli Vice-President 
Christina Zoniou Treasurer
Christina Krithari, Secretary
Giorgos Bekiaris, Member
Katerina Alexiadi, debuty Member
Myrto Pigkou-Repousi, debuty Member
Ioanna Tsokou, deputy Member

Foundation & previous Heads of the Board
Nikos Govas, March 1998-19/4/2008
Jenny Karaviti, 19/4/2008-21/9/2008
Betty Giannouli, 21/9/2008-19/6/2011
Dina Tsolaki, 19/6/2011-22/3/2014
Christina Zoniou 22/3/2014.1/4/2017


Contact us: Tel/fax ++302106541600 info@theatroedu.gr www.TheatroEdu.gr