Gaza Monologues






"It could be me - It could be you"
an awareness raising project using theatre/drama techniques
on human rights and refugee issues
Student Worskhsops & Festivals, Teacher Training Seminars

Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr)
in collaboration with UNHCR Greece
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Hope comes with solidarity
(photo by Giannis Behrakis, Lesvos Isl, Greece 2015)


2014-2016 YouthDocs

 / video - drama
recording critical glances on personal identity, youth culture and contemporary reality
2014-2016 An Erasmus+ course KA2 Strategic Partnerships

2014-2018 Radical Hope!

Radical Hope!
an international research project of Totonto University Canada, with partners from Greece, UK, India, Taiwan
Project coordinator: Kathleen Gallagher

13th Theatre Summer Camp - Pelion 2014
26-30 August 2014
Ag Ioannis beach, Mt Pelion, Greece

" sculpturing our dreams – transforming our realities:
tranformation through theatre”


Education & Theatre Journal
Issue 16 (May 2015)
Special Edition: Theatre of the Oppressed
(published in Greek)

“The multicolored immigration of the butterfly”

theatre education workshop and forum theatre play

"Education & Theatre Journal" Issue 14, March 2013 (special edition on anti-racist education, bulling amd human rights)
Published in Greek