IDEA- International Drama/Theatre & Education Association
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The International Drama/Theatre and Education Association (IDEA) is a non-governmental, non-prolific organisation founded in 1992 to promote thetare and drama in education. Its members are educational-scientifc-artistic bodies from over 90 countries. Hellenic Theatre/Drama and Education Network (TENet-Gr) is the Greek ordinary  member of IDEA and participates in events, commitees and working groups of the organisation.
In 2006 TENet-Gr was part of the pioneering organisations for the establishment of the european network, the IDEA-Europe.

A short diary from 2001

  • 2016 IDEA Europe 12-16/10/2016 Annual Meeting, Prague, Czech Rebuplic

  • 2014 IDEA Europe 14 -16/11/2014 Annual Meeting, Sandnes , Norway

  • 2013 IDEA World Congress & GCM, Paris France
  • 2010 IDEA Europe Annual Meeting 25-28 November, Athens, Greece, hosted by the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network
  • 2010 IDEA World Congress & GCM, Belem, Brasil
  • 2009 IDEA Europe 4rth Annual Meeting 12-15 November, Budapest  Hungary, Hosted by HUDEA
  • 2009 IDEA GCM 5-7/8. Rostock Germany
  • 2008 IDEA Europe 3rd Annual Meeting 24 - 26 October, Silkeborg, Denmark, Hosted by Performers House
  • 2008 IDEA Europe meeting in Paris, France (29-31/1/08) Hosted by ANRAT
  • 2007 IDEA World Congress & GCM 16-22/7, Hong-Kong, China
  • 2007 IDEA Europe 2nd Annual Meeting 8-12 October, Vitebro, Italy, Hosted by AGITA.
  • 2006 IDEA Europe 1st Founding Meeting 1-3 December, Frankfurt, Germany, hosted by BVDS
  • 2006 IDEA GCM 26-28/5, Mostar, BiH
  • 2006 IDEA Regional Conference, 18-19/3, Athens Greece, hosted by the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network
  • 2004 IDEA World Congress & GCM 2-8/7, Ottawa, Canada
  • 2001 IDEA World Congress & GCM, 2-8/7, Bergen, Norway

World Alliance for Arts Education: a) International Drama/Theatre & Education Association (IDEA), b) International Society for Education through Art (InSEA), c) International Society for Music Education (ISME)
2008 World Creativity Summit-draft1
2010 IDEA EUROPE Annual Meeting -Athens

IDEA Europe - Athens, 25-28 November 2010, Annual Meeting of european IDEA department members
organisation-host: Hellenic Theatre/Drama and Education Network 
Approximately forty representatives from 18 countries participated in this meeting.

One of the IDEA Europe 2010 actions was to composs for the first time a manifesto text on Theatre in Education.It was entitled as "Declaration of Athens".


UNESCO - Lisbon Roadmap

In March 2006 UNESCO organised an international conference about the role of arts in education. There participated bodies-members of the newly-developed (then) Worl Alliance for Arts Education. The Conference ended up with a declaration setting a new proposal for the role of arts in education. That text was entitled as Roadmap for Arts Education.

Download the Roadmap
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2006 Joint Declaration on Arts Education at Lisbon

At last, after the preparatory meetings, bodies of different interests of arts education united and compossed a joint declaration on a new possition arts should have in education. This document was compossed during the World Conference of UNESCO in Lisbon, March 2006, where it was read for the first time. It was signed by presidents of the participating bodies:

-IDEA (International Drama/Theatre & Education Association)
-InSEA (International Society for Education through Art)
-ISME (International Society for Music Education),

Founding members of World Alliance for Arts Education

IDEA-Europe: Declaration on Theatre in Education- Athens 2010

The annual meeting of the IDEA european members in November 2010 was held in Athens. Hellenic Theatre/Drama and Education Network hosted representatives from 18 member-bodies and discussed the progress in the theatre in education field. Those discussions led to the compossition of a declaration on the position of theatre in education, which deliveres the point of view of all IDEA member-bodies.


Drama/Theatre in Education in Europe - a report, Part1 (2007)
Edited by Govas N., Kakoudaki G., Miholic D.
An IDEA Europe Project 
Please read: Contents-Editorial.... 
2010 Geat Harvest of Hope

"Great Harvest of Hope" -
A YoungIDEA International Project
2010, Greece & Brazil