Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network

“The multicolored immigration of the butterfly”
theatre education workshop and forum theatre play
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It could be me- It could be you

Awareness raising project on refugees and human rights.
With the participation of UNHCR
Teacher Training Seminars, Student Workshops, School Festivals, Training Trainers


2014-2016 YouthDocs

 / video - drama
recording critical glances on personal identity, youth culture and contemporary reality
2014-2016 An Erasmus+ course KA2 Strategic Partnerships

2015 Acting up - Ireland

Acting Up – a Training Course
Using Drama Methods for Youth Development

An Erasmus+/Youth in Action Project
5-12 July 2015 Dublin Ireland

2014-2018 Radical Hope!

Radical Hope!
an international research project of Totonto University Canada, with partners from Greece, UK, India, Taiwan
Project coordinator: Kathleen Gallagher

4Frontal Theatre for the Youth

Theatre for the Youth

Making Space in - between cultures
 Making Space  in - between cultures

Youth exchanges programme.
With the participation of Hellenic Theatre/Drama Education Network, Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts and the Drama School of the Athens Conservatory
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discovering the ancient Dionysos site"

a TiE Project
with Forum Theatre techniques

You as I

You as I: exploring diversity through Theatre



recording traces of our own subjective culture"

since 2009

Young Theatre Voices

Young Theatre Voices

-Youth theatrical summer camps

Literary Workshop

"Literary Workshop: Students create Fiction!"

since 2008

2010 Geat Harvest of Hope

"Great Harvest of Hope" -
A YoungIDEA International Project
2010, Greece & Brazil

3, 2, 1 Action!

"3, 2, 1 Action!" programme
for elementary students

Goal of the programme: to get the students familiar with the theatre and cinematography techniques, to make them feel the happiness of creation, of cooperation, of teamwork...


Performing people's stories

TiE2010tree"Performing people's stories"
TiE Programme
Athens, 2010-2011

Borders: lets talk about interculturalism in Europe
  Borders-lets talk about intercalturalism in Europe
European youth project


The Gaza monologues

The Gaza monologues

international programme  2010


Logo_mppactmPPACT -Methodology for Pupil and Performing Arts Centered Teaching


Sophocles returns to school
Sophocles returns to school
When ancient Drama meets folklore music
-a TiE project


Lavrion: a theatre of remembrance and history
Lavrion: a theatre of remembrance and history

Act it out!

Spain April 2008
A european Training Course (TC) for youth workers and professionals

Odysseus' Journey

  «Odysseus-classic and contemporary journeys»

European Leader Programme in Italy.

5 Smudged Afternoons

"5 Smudged Afternoons"

a TiE programme about diversity

Komotini 2007

the days of Sokolów Malopolski

the days of Sokolów Malopolski

International Festival of School Theatres

 8-15 of June 2006, Poland

  a fest dedicated to the traditional culture of the place.

I believe you!

"I do believe you!"
A TiE programm with Forum Theatre techniques about teenagers, communication, goals...

Chios 2004-2005

Changing the World: a Manual

Changing the World: a Manual
featuring dancing groups of Quasi Stellar and Apostolia Papadamaki

December 2005

The orange grenade
PortokaliMePeroniThe orange grenade - war games

TiE programme...and a play

Thessalonica, 2004-2005


Lysistrata and the War

"Lysistrata and the War"

international programme, 2003

Students' Placements
Students' placement in schools
a placement programme for Theatre Studies students

Eastern Attiki, 2002



Friends of the Network

- a cooperational programme between theatres and educators