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Bonds of Solidarity

Τheatre and Education: Bonds of Solidarity

Govas, Ν., Katsaridou, Μ., Mavreas, D. (2012). (edit.)

Minutes from 7th International Conference 2012



videomuseums_frontcover_gre_small"Videomuseums: recording traces of our subjective culture"

the Videomuseums programme, as it was held in Greece and Germany.


TiE programmes and Forum Theatre techniques

TiE_ForumThNikos Govas & Christina Zoniou (edit.) (2011)
Hellenic Theatre/Drama Education Network & Osmosis. Pages: 86
-    Escape... – a TiE programme about prevention and decision making
-    Little Scenes of Everyday Violence – a Forum Theatre performance on racism and xenophobia.

Acting out the stories of the world to change the world


Acting out the stories of the world to change the world
Betty Giannouli & Iro Potamousi (edit.)
ISBN: 978-960-9529-00-6
Pages: 77
1st edition: 2011, Hellenic Theatre/Drama Education Network
A programme about rights and power...

The Gaza Monologues- the texts

The Gaza Monologues
the texts
©Hellenic Theatre/Drama Education Network
Athens 2010

ISBN 978-960-98466-7-7

You as I- exploring diversity through theatre
EsyOpwKiEgw Nassia Choleva
ISBN: 978-960-98466-5-3
pages: 108

1st edition: March 2010, Hellenic Theatre/Drama Education Network

The theoretical and pedagogical context and the techniques of the project "You as I", as it was held in eastern Athens schools in 2007-08 by the Panhellenic Theatre/Education Network.

Always remember others- 12 poems by Mahmud Darwish
12 collected poems by Palestinian poet Mahmud Darwish
bilingual edition: Greek & Arabic
Translation by Jenny Karaviti

1st edition: 2010, Hellenic Theatre/Drama Education Network & Nisos editions

ISBN 978-960-8392-76-2 
Arhens 2010 
Pages: 48
Democracy and collective theatrical creation
programme records:
Young Theatre Voices 2009

Edited by: Betty Giannouli
1st edition: March 2010 (limited edition), Hellenic Theatre/Drama Education Network

Theatre and education at centre stage

Praktika2008_CoverPage_Gr_sTheatre and education at centre stage

Minutes of 6th international conference on TiE
ISBN 978-960-98466-3-9
Athens, September 2009, Hellenic Theatre/Drama Education Network
Pages: 556
Edited by Nikos Govas

The manual: mPPACT -methodololy for a Pupil & Performing Arts Centerd Teaching

The manual: mPPACT -methodololy for a Pupil & Performing Arts Centerd Teaching

Alex Mavrocordatos (Ed) 2009 Writing Team: Nikos Govas, Smaragda Chrysostomou, Alex Mavrocordatos, Dave Pammenter, Betty Giannouli

Free access here 

Researching roles and scenes from life and theatre
SPETSES _2008_e3wfyllo_praktikwn Minutes from seminar camp, Kaldi Mary(edit.), ISBN 978-960-98466-2-2 (2009). Also contains description and commentary of the workshops: Dimitris Katalifos "Eight steps of awareness for an actor ", Koldo Vio "The Clown Art", Maria Leonida-Nikos Vasiliou "Tell it with a camera: an audio-visual workshop"

15 exercises: Theatrical techniques for the teaching of French as a foreign language
15Askiseis_gr_snotes from a workshop by Steven Clark

Material collection and recording: Hristina Lanara, Marita Loli, Natasa Merkouri
Edited by Natasa Merkouri
Bilingual edition in Greek and French
  Thessaloniki, November 2008, Hellenic Theatre/Drama Education Network
ISBN 978-960-98466-1-5

Ancient myths and contemporary reality

ArxaioiMythoi&SygxroniPragmatikotita_exoMinutes of seminar camp
Spetses Isl 2007
Mary Kaldi (edit.)
Athens August 2008, Hellenic Theatre/Drama Education Network ISBN 978-960-98466-0-8

(Giorgos Biniaris, Margarita Mandaka, Takis Tzamaryas, Martin Scharnhorst, Georgina Kakoudaki)
Ancient Myths and Contemporary life
YoungTheatreVoices2007_En a Young Theatre Voices 2007 Project

by Polyxeni Karaviti

published in english, ISBN 978-960-88760-9-5 Athens 2007

Free Access

School theatre and school life
SxolikoStiDidaktikiPraxi_sm Notes of a seminar
Avra Avdi (edit.)
Thessaloniki 2007, Hellenic Theatre/Drama Education Theatre
Drama/Theatre & Education in Europe-A report, Part I

IDEABOOKLETSMALLDrama/Theatre in Education in Europe - a report, Part1 (2007)

Edited by Govas N., Kakoudaki G., Miholic D.

Contributions: Bulgaria by Tsvete Yaneva, Croatia by Vladimir Krusic & Damir Miholic, The Czech Republic by Jaroslav Provazník, Finland by Birgitta Snickars von Wright, Greece by Polyxeni (Jenny) Karaviti & Georgina Kakoudaki, Norway by Stig A. Eriksson & Aud Berggraf Sæbø, Portugal by Isabel Belzega, Serbia by Ljubica Beljanski-Ristic & Sanja Krsmanovic Tasic, Sweden by Anita Grünbaum, Turkey by Omer Adiguzel, The United Kingdom by Stuart Bennett

An IDEA Project Published by the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network, Athens 2007, ISBN 978-960-88760-8-8

Please read: Contents-Editorial.... Free access to the book ..here!

Theatre/Drama & Education: Creating New Roles for the 21st century
DimiourgontasNeousRolous_grMinutes of 5th Intrenational Conference 2006
Govas Nikos, Nassia Choleva (edit.) 
2006, Hellenic Theatre/Drama Education Network
ISBN 960-88760-2-8

Narrative techniques and theatrical creativity
TehnikesAfigisisKaiTheatrikiDimiourgiaSmall Minutes of the 5th Theatrical seminar camp
Mary Kaldi (edit.)
Spetses Isl. 2006, Hellenic Theatre/Dram Education Network
ISBN 960-88760-5-2
(Marcelo Magni, Uta Plate, Takis Tzamargias, Zoe Hatziantoniou, Michael Stasik, Georgina Kakoudaki)
Theatre routes in environmental education

TheatrikesDiadromesNotes of seminar
Spiros Papasideris (Edit.)
Rhodes Isl 2006, Hellenic Theatre/Drama Education Network ISBN 960-88760-6-0

School theatre:
SxolikoTheatroExo1_smallartistic creation and experiential learning
Minutes of seminar
Avra Avdi (edit.)
1st edition: Thessalonika 2005,Hellenic Theatre/Drama Education Network
ISBN 960-88760-0-1

...as dreams are made on...
Image Minutes of 4th theatrical seminar camp
Mary Kaldi (edit.)
Spetses Isl 2005, Hellenic Theatre?Drama Education Network
ISBN 960-88760-1-X
Stathis Livathinos, Giorgos Biniaris, Apostolia Papadaki, Nikos Govas, Georgina Kakoudaki, Margarita Mandaka, Nikos Vasiliou
Routes to comedy
ImageMinutes of 3rd theatrical seminar camp
Nikos Govas (edit.)
Hellenic Theatr/Drama Education Network
Spetses Isl 2004, ISBN 960-87317-7-1
(Giannis Kakleas, Nikos Govas, Smaro Grigoriadou, Giorgos Biniaris, Mario Gallo, Margarita Mandaka, Kostas Philippoglou, Tilemachos Moudatsakis)
The grenade orange
theatrical exercises and creative activities

material from a project about violence, war, refugees, loss...
contains a CD with photographic material

Poluxeni Karaviti, Dimitris Sakatzis, Penelope Hatzidimitriou
Hellenic Theatre/Drama Education Network
Athens 2004, ISBN 960-87317-8-X

From Nutral Mask to the theatrical creation

Minutes- recordings of seminar
faciliator: Kostas Philippoglou
Eleni Samata (Ed.)
Hellenic Theatr/Dram Education Network
Athens 2004, ISBN 960-87317-9-8

Theatre/Drama in Education: Creativity and Metamorphosis
Minutes of the 4th International Conference 2004.
Nikos Govas (Ed.)
Athens 2004, ISBN 960-87317-6-3
In Greek

Theatre & Education: Building bridges
Minutes of the 3rd International Conference (2003)
Bilingual edition (Greek & English)
Nikos Govas (Ed.)
Hellenic Theatre/Drama Education Network
Athens 2003, ISBN 960-87317-3-9

Body, Speech, Myth
ImageMinutes of 2nd theatre seminar camp
Nikos Govas (Ed.)
Hellenic Theatre/Drama Education Network
Spetses Isl 2003, ISBN 960-87317-4-7
(Nikos Govas, Smaro Grigoriadou, Marta Cotrim, Georgina Kakoudaki, Stefan Metz, Giorgos Biniaris, Eberhard Scheiffele, Stavroula Siamou, Kostas Philippoglou)

Routes to Ancient Greek Drama
ImageMinutes of 1st theatre seminar camp
Nikos Govas, Eleftheria Pisanou, Giorgos Biniaris (Ed.)
Hellenic Theatre/Drama Education Network
Spetses Isl 2002, ISBN 960-87317-2-0
(Kostas Philippoglou, Giorgos Biniaris, Smaro Griforiadou, Nikos Govas, Apostolia Papadamaki)

Theatre and Education: Art Form and Learrning Tool
Minutes of 2nd International Conference on TiE (2001)
bilingual edition (Greek and English)
Nikos Govas (Ed.)
Hellenic Theatre/Drama Education Network
Athens 2001, ISBN 960-87317-0-4

Searching for Theatre/Drama in Secondary Education
Minutes of 1st International Conference on TiE (2000) (second edition)
Nikos Govas & Flora Kaklamani (Ed.)
Hellenic Theatre/Drama Education Network
Athens 2000, ISBN 960-87317-1-2

Τεχνικές θεάτρου και το διαπολιτισμικό σχολικό περιβάλλον
ImageΠρακτικά σεμιναρίου
Νικος Γκόβας (επιμ.)
Αθήνα-Λονδίνο 1999
(Ε. Μουρελάτου, Ε. Πολίτου, Γ. Μπινιάρης, Ν. Γκόβας, Μ. Κονομή, Σ. Γρηγοριάδου, Μ. Παυλίδη, Γ. Χρόνη, D. Wood, S. Bramachari, B. Wooding, J. Siddall, M. Ashwell, D. Hopkins, κ.α)