15th Theatre Summer Camp- Seminar "Pelion 2016"
& 7th Young Theatre Voices Camp 2016

"Dreams & Realities -  a theatrical journey"

  at Agios Ioannis Beach, Mt Pelion, Greece
 24 – 30 August 2016
for teachers, artists, facilitators, youths
organised by: Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network

"Are we all met?"
A Midsummer Night's Dream, from text to action.

Giannis Stefopoulos

Workshop Language Greek

The workshop is based on improvisation on the scenes of the craftsmen (the Mechanicals) from Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream. A workshop that uses humor, imagination, poetry, rhythm and theatricality in order to devise an imaginative theatrical action with large and mixed groups consisted of young people, students, amateurs, actors.
This workshop aims at exploring the questions;
How do we read a theatrical text?
How to choose elements from the text that can be transformed into stage action?
How can we move from improvisation to characters?
How can we work with a diverse group of people in the theatrical act without excluding anyone?
This workshop is open to everyone regardless of experience, age, specialty.

Giannis Stefopoulos graduated from the Veaki Drama School in 1987. He has been a member of the theatrical group "Theama" for 12 years and has worked with the directors; G. Kakleas, E. Gonzales, G. Kimoulis, K. Philippoglou, M. Calbaris, G. Armenis, N. Armaos, G. Bostantzoglou, M. Moumouris etc., in plays of Aristophanes, Shakespeare, Koltès, Chekhov, Albee, Labiche, T. Ford, Pinter, Molière, Goldoni, Ruzzante, Ionesco, Copi and Sevastikoglou , Skarimbas, Bost, among many others. He has participated in film and television productions with directors such as Ch. Dimas, N. Iliadis, K. Tsakiris, L. Lazopoulos B. Rouan, B. Thomopoulos, A. Pantazoudis etc. He lives and works in Athens.