15th Theatre Summer Camp- Seminar "Pelion 2016"
& 7th Young Theatre Voices Camp 2016

"Dreams & Realities -  a theatrical journey"

  at Agios Ioannis Beach, Mt Pelion, Greece
 24 – 30 August 2016
for teachers, artists, facilitators, youths
organised by: Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network

Fusing theatre techniques to encounter new tragedies
Ziad Adwan

Theatre Practitioner

workshop language: English (possible also German and Arabic)

Images and footage in the media show events that have gone beyond the imagination. On some occasions, metaphors, such as refugees crawling to Europe or death boats, have become the real description of real events.
How can theatre makers and social activists correspond to the escalation of world tragedies? Are we lacking new vocabularies? Are we still dependant on the same old techniques and methodologies that were used in the twentieth century?

The workshop focuses on the role of theatre makers and activists in a world of non-stop tragedies. How can theatre makers find a position in places beyond the events rather than giving reactionary practices to the escalating events?
When refugees and local citizens encounter, reactions have been limited to either welcoming refugees or burning their camps. On the other side, the refugees’ behaviour has been stereotyped, ranging from fear from European authorities to allegation of harassing the ‘European social freedom’. These might be some normal reactions and attitudes, but what is next?

Using theatrical techniques brought from improvisation and Theatre of the Oppressed, the workshop aims at giving source materials to tackle the ongoing tragedies. It suggests techniques that fuse acting methods and other art forms for further workshops. Moreover, the workshop attempts to explore other unorthodox means of expression in order to reach noble values and correspond to good intentions.
The workshop gives the participants the chance to put their ideas in different frames, and to enable them to treat some social and psychological problems from different perspectives.
A short presentation might be performed by the end of the workshop.


Ziad Adwan is a Theatre Practitioner. He studied for an MA in Text and Performance Studies at Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) and King’s college in London, and then took a PhD in Theatre Studies at Royal Holloway; his thesis was on "Mistakes in Theatre". He taught Performance Theory, System of Rehearsals and Mask techniques at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damasucs/ Syria. Ziad has acted in several plays and movies (including roles in Spielberg's Munich and The Hamburg Cell), and directed theatre. He was the artistic director of Invisible Stories, a series of street theatre events that take place in different places in Damascus. Currently Ziad directs in Germany and has run several workshops with regugees and young artists. He is currently affiliated with the Global Theatre Histories research project at LMU Munich. Ziad is a partner at Tanween Theatre and Dance Company.