16th Theatre Summer Camp- Seminar "Pelion 2017"
& 8th Young Theatre Voices Camp 2017
at Agios Ioannis Beach, Mt Pelion, Greece
25–30 August 2017
for teachers, artists, facilitators, youths
organised by: Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network (TENet-Gr)

for children 6-12 years old
language: greek, english, ...children's

I play - You play - Does the Other Play? - What about us? What are We going to do?
Angeliki Tsakona, drama teacher

We are going to spell out and interpret the forms of the mind and the shape of our body – and the creations of our mind and those of our body. We are going to achieve this within dual realities, the one that belongs to us (I) and the one we share (I and the Other).

Experiential play and imagination along with drama techniques will motivate children physically, verbally and emotionally, bringing them closer to their own selves. At the same time, cultivating the children’s empathy and strengthening their communication skills will promote team spirit - thus drawing them nearer to the Other and helping them realize who ‘We’ are.

Angeliki Tsakona has been oscillating between Philology and Theater Studies for quite some time. Since 2002, she has been teaching Theatre/Drama Education in Primary Education. She is currently following a postgraduate course entitled “Drama and Performing Arts in Education and Lifelong Learning” offered by the Department of Theatre Studies in Nafplio Greece. Her postgraduate dissertation, “Cultivating Historical Empathy in Primary School Sixth-graders through their Contact with the Local History of Nafplio during the Venetian Occupation” is underway. She has carried out educational and theatrical education programs, training sessions, drama events, workshops and performances in collaboration with institutions such as The Harvard Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece, the Department of Theatrical Studies in Nafplio, the Argolis Club for UNESCO (for which she received an honorary distinction), the Cultural Department of the Municipality of Nafplio, the Peloponnesian Folklore Institute, the Ephorate of Antiquities in Argolis, "IoannisCapodistrias” Centre of European Studies and Humanities, The Proscenium Society for Culture and Social Entertainment, the Authors’ Association of Argolis, the New Library at Fougaro multi-purpose venue, the Representation of the European Union in Greece through their Teachers4Europe project, the Directorate of Primary Education of Argolis, the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature (Network of Ecological Schools award winner) and the Children’s Theatre of Argos, among others. In the summer of 2016, she was coordinator and animator for the Creative Employment Pilot Programme run by the Festival of Athens and Epidaurus. This year, she is coordinating and animating the Audience Education Program for Students and Adults of Argolis run by the Epidaurus Lyceum, also in the framework of the Festival of Athens and Epidaurus.